Saturday, April 17, 2010

Setting Up the Hive

Took a trip out to Vinland Valley Nursery this afternoon. The proprietors, Doug and Amy, have generously donated a small piece of their property for my hive. It's virtually ideal: a nice, out-of-the-way clearing with a southern exposure, and only about a hundred yards from the nursery itself. The bees will be happy, the plants will be happy, and I'm happy that the project is moving forward.

What you see here is the lower hive body (the brood chamber), covered by the outer cover and resting on the bottom board, all atop four cinderblocks. The entrance is blocked with an unpainted dowel, to ensure that no other bees (or anything else) decide to take up residence inside.

It's empty for now, but the bees should arrive in about a month (hopefully earlier). More pics, and video, coming soon!

The lady behind the camera is my queen, the beautiful Ginny.

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